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Hey everyone ^^ I'm actually going on vacation for the next couple of weeks, so I was spending most of the day packing and driving. :p If I'm on, it's when I can play on the public computers in our hotel room. Baii everyone! I'll see you all laterzz
I've been waiting all day.
when is bizzcraft going to come back up keeps on not conecting
:dizzy: <----wow never knew about this
Everytime i try to get on its down :(
How long has the server been down now :/ I've been waiting maybe 2-3 hours!
Ask a staff to get the rest of your items for you and congratz on titan
can somebody help me? I bought the Titan Rank but my inventory was full so i only got my diamond blocks.
guys the minecraft servers are down so dont try to log in to minecraft :dizzy:
im sooo bored im sooo bored im soo bored! :sick:
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