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I completely agree with joseph here. Im perfectly fine with lagging out, because unfortunately, that's what bizzcraft is know for, but the server crashes lately have just been WAY to frequent.
I mean recently, the server has timed out and crashed like every 5 minutes, I accepted when u could immediately rejoin, but u cant do that anymore, when it timeouts, the server is offline for 1/2 an hour
oh ma goodness, I am just 5 time outs left from not playing bizzcraft until the update
everyone pls go to /warp spacesop to help support me :)
Server timed out again plz fix this problem
Server timed out D:
Btw I have a warp for everyone. /warp blockyshop enjoy :D
And mojang D:
Microsoft brought minecraft D:
Microsoft brought Minangkabau D:
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