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Thank you Derpette. btw i missed saying "not" before "anyone" lol
Welcome, Joe. ^^ And as long as the server is getting fixed I don't find it annoying but it's a bummer not to be able to log on..
Just making it clear I'm blaming anyone for what's been going on. I'm still quite new here and don't understand what different roles people take but I appreciate updates on what is going on. Everything just looks a little hazy to me.
I do agree with joe on this one. It may not be the admins problems, but even I am getting annoyed of the servers downtime. It was sorta ok when it was for an hour or so, but lately, it has been down for most of the day...
Server down again?
Admins are not able to help with this problem, it's really only Dave that is able to fix it. So please don't blame the admins, Joe. ^^
Don't know what's been going on but every morning I wake up wanting to check out Bizzcraft but it's down for a couple hours day after day. I'd really like to see admins + stepping up and fixing this even it takes extended downtime
Minecraft just broke D: It says unknown host for everything DX Getting fatal java exceptions thrown
so does this mean claiming land causes time outs?
Read my reply to the "Resets?" forum, page 2.
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